The Guardian Angels Of Zion

The Guardians Of The Matrix and all who are in it!
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 HVCFT Kickassery

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chaos angel (the axe)


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PostSubject: HVCFT Kickassery   Fri Nov 24, 2006 4:27 pm

A warship built with state of the art equipment, defensive and loaded to the brim with guns and other weapons, it can travel through an E.M.P and leave anything else behind, claimed by the one who found it lying in the bottom of the zion engine room, a peice of scrap, battleaxe worked on this ship as a child with all his friends help, it was ready, he powered it up, and zions walls shook again........

3 months later the E.M.P system failed during a minor training excersize leaving the ship lmost in ruins, upgraded with new weapons and a new adamantium hull it was im-penatrable, until it went into the machine city, some say angels found the lost captain and crew and took them to heaven, others say they found another zion, the truth is that nobody actually knows.....................
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HVCFT Kickassery
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