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 The Celestial Hierarchy

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PostSubject: The Celestial Hierarchy   Sat Nov 25, 2006 10:01 am

We are the nine ranks of Angel.
We are the protectors of Humanity.
There is no greater threat then our own demons inside of us.
We are angels of Zion.
Our holy crusade to find the One will never end until he is returned to his home.
Its time to banish our demons.

The Celestial Hierarchy was a group formed after the events in the final days of the War. Their goal was to descover the fate of their savior, the One.

Morpheus was always a large figure and motivation for them, but they were not officially with him until he began his code bombings. It is here they made him their leader.

After Morpheus died someone else was given the leader position, and the CH had a new goal, kill the Assassin. Their new leader was Tosuno, who disbanded the official factin in favour of a new aproach. Instead he had his operatives spread out and join different factions, so that CH would have conatacts all over.

Assassin was killed, and along with his death came the destruction of CH. Without a purpose it fell apart. Followers were swayed to believe in other things. CH was officially disbanded.

However, unofficially CH is still around. Old members still are in touch with each other. Tosuno looks to rebuild CH eventually, but for now he wants to worry about taking out his own sins.

The Black Angel.
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The Celestial Hierarchy
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