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 The Guardian Angels Christmas Office party 2006

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PostSubject: The Guardian Angels Christmas Office party 2006   Sat Dec 09, 2006 1:27 am

its that time of year folks where wer grab Victims under the mistletoe..and us being Angels will will Celebrate it in STYLE!
thats right...we are having a I hope everyone is ok with the time because the the only time Im free and I tried to look for a time when alot of people are mostly on.
plus its the day of the Christmas patch so there will be lots of people on...
I have never hosted a party before but heh...lets see how it goes.

the date is 15th December

the times:
BST(england) 11pm
EST(new york)
CET(paris) midnight
MST(us, denver) 4pm
CST(chicago) 5pm

the Location will ve in Downtown Hardline Part East N,
those who do not have the hardline dont worry I will have a team of recallers at standby
those who don't have the access key do not panic, the place will be packed full of doctors.
plus...Agents are welcome to crash the

Uniform is an can what ever you like as long as its smart ^^
just come down and have fun!
Its my first christmas here and Im gonna get smashed!!

if you cant attend to the party dont worry, we will be holding alot more Parties...this is only the tip of the ice berg..
also I would like to apoint someone with good graphics to take pics and post them if you please.

anyway...if you have any questions please feel free to ask me
and merry christmas all, I send you my love and blessings... I love you Commander could ask for a better faction...I'm so proud of you all!


Ma'am santa rendeer
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The Guardian Angels Christmas Office party 2006
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